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Thursday, October 20, 2011

gossip....? is it necessary?

nobody in this world have perfect behavior..
i'm simply realize that people try to avoid backstabbing but gossip still apply..
hahahahhaha.. oh, gurlz... how's ur perception..
LOL~ feel l0ts of fun listen to the story..
kih32... =))
unknown people start pretending not know even
they do know everything... hey, u liar!!!!
even dat's about ur life, plz dun simply tells others..
embarrassing ok...
tgk lah nnti, smpy satu tahap, org akan benci kita lbh tau...
biarkn mereka sakitkan hati, is not the way to solve the problem..
try beat it by hacking it by advice to be more better than before..
surprise right? it do happen around me...
check it out...
stop pretending be so kind in front me..
juz ignore myself existing in this world..
i'm begging u... stop babling and nagging on me...huhuhu
it will drag me be a sinful person..
even i do have more sin that done by myself before..
tak tertanggung kot.. hehehehhe
orait, settle .....
jom tambah pahala... avoid lakukan dosa..

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