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Thursday, October 20, 2011

gossip....? is it necessary?

nobody in this world have perfect behavior..
i'm simply realize that people try to avoid backstabbing but gossip still apply..
hahahahhaha.. oh, gurlz... how's ur perception..
LOL~ feel l0ts of fun listen to the story..
kih32... =))
unknown people start pretending not know even
they do know everything... hey, u liar!!!!
even dat's about ur life, plz dun simply tells others..
embarrassing ok...
tgk lah nnti, smpy satu tahap, org akan benci kita lbh tau...
biarkn mereka sakitkan hati, is not the way to solve the problem..
try beat it by hacking it by advice to be more better than before..
surprise right? it do happen around me...
check it out...
stop pretending be so kind in front me..
juz ignore myself existing in this world..
i'm begging u... stop babling and nagging on me...huhuhu
it will drag me be a sinful person..
even i do have more sin that done by myself before..
tak tertanggung kot.. hehehehhe
orait, settle .....
jom tambah pahala... avoid lakukan dosa..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

fuLL of happiness

it is rainy day outsides..
but still i'm try to write up all thru dis site...
could i be surprised by myself.... i'm olready turn to 21 years old..
oh GOD... still can't believe it...
life still sempoi without nothing change..
i hv nothing to put here.. juz wanna say, today is my birthdayyyy...
but, still i'm quite sad coz tomorrow my beloved bro will go back to his cairo for continuing his study..
i hope he will succeed one day...
firstly, i'm really tersentuh la... thankz to all my class members for wishing me
and sing birthday song juz for me... i'm really appreciated it..
korg mmg terbaikk..
secondly, for those my maahadianz fwenz, thankz for the wishes.. glad to read all ur wish and hope for
a sake of my happiness.. arigato gozaimas....
and lastly, for my Issues in marketing groups ...
hr ni sy boleh drift dgn jayanye... hahahha, sy berjaya drive 100km/h...
hahahhahahha, tk sangka sgt2..
orait i'm quite tired.. so, gonna stop writing here...
안녕히 주무십시요 

Monday, May 30, 2011

a Day with them~

28 May 2011, i was spent da whole day with my fwenz...
credit to: aida, wahidah, tikah and faezah..
we enjoyed our day firstly at KFC kok lanas..
then, moved to the UiTM machang.. hahahha
actually, i was brought them together wif me because my mom asked me to attend  Majlis Solat Hajat
for my uncle's new house at machang.. the house was being hostel for UITM mchang's students since yesterday...<3
the rumors that i heard about the new outlets of KFC will be open was the truth...
KFC open up their new outlet at KOK LANAS..
hahahhaha..... since, it was still the new ones, we went there for having breakfast before continue journey heading up to the Machang..bak kata org, g tolong rasmi.. hak3
unfortunately, when we on our way to machang, aida, who is one of my friends was shocked because
she found that her purse was gone.. hahahhahahaha...
i do pity to her coz, i'm also the one who always careless in taking cares of things.... 
so, i decided to went back to the Kok Lanas's KFC....
luckily, her purse was there... so, we cont our journey back...
i'm the one who drove the car that day...
seems like they don't look like scared to my driving skill..
so, i realized that i was improved so much.. alhamdulillah.....
after we arrived at UiTMmachang, we still had time to visit all our memorable place such as hostel THO, Block D lecture hall and so.. here are some pic had been taken by us for keep as our memory...

*indahnye mereka~

*wahidah yg cumil

*my dear friends and i together we shared enjoyableness,
together we shared tough moment.. i'll love u forever... =) 

*strive to smile coz terlalu terik cahaya matahari.. huk3

*she's smile without reason.. huh~ hahahhahaha

then, after we spent almost an hour in UiTM Machang campus area, i cont. drove my DBP to Kok Lanas back for fetched my cousins to the Majlis Solat Hajat....
around 2.00 pm we arrived at the place...
after solat hajat, my dad told me about a small river that was located nearby the house, so
i asked those my friend went there..
so, here pic that had been taken at the small river area...

*amik kau.... ak pijakk pasir gaya jalan baru lepas pantang.. hak3..
sakit kowt.. pasirnye tajam...

*tikah was giving her speech to the pokok2 n cengkerik2 di tepi sungai
smbil senyum.. hahahhahah~

*ok fine.. u is da most cute person ever.. hahahhahah

p/s: sorry la... pic aida n wahidah.... tk di ambil coz, dyorg jg kaki tanak masuk dlm air..
so juz both of us yg bermain air dgn riang.. hak3... sorry guys.. nex time, i'll edit ur pic mke sure ur pic appear
even tk join kami pon.. hahahhaha

after, playing around at the small river...we help my aunt to wash the second floor of the house...
aka we become house cleaner without payment... hahhahahhaha.. ikhlas pnyer.. huk3
finally, end up our trip with sending back my cousin to his school at MTS Kok Lanas,
then we heading back to the Kota Bharu around 7.00pm...
even, kami stuck by traffic jam for almost 1 hours, we still happy for being together
thankz for give me such a beautiful memory.. love u ols.. hahahhaha
k, bye.. wsslam 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

emphases words?!!!

juz come back home from Uitm..
huh, i really do not realize that my card bank were running out money since yesterday..
huh, i'm so lucky today coz kak intan was give me borrow her money RM50..
if not, i do not know what to do...
xtually, i'm forgot to bring my BSN card... i thought my Bank Islam card still had money.. so, that's y 
i juz let my BSN card at home...
huhu... Nway, thankz a lot kak intan for ur kindness giving me the money...
tomorrow, i'll pay you back okay..
remind me if do not remember okay...
xtually, the emphases words is the new phrase that i got from my reading..
it is not juz because the words is new to me, but it because, i was search the meaning of the words behind.
it is word that is to force or stress in way to say something...
means, takde ayat berbunga la.. hehehhehe..
that's what i'm understand from my reading..
i end up my morning day, at KB Mall with kak intan after spent my time at UiTM libraries..
so, from now onwards, mybe i can become librarians..
nobody's know, the day will coming...
hahhahahha.. so, pray for it...
i just want to become a genius one..
can I? hahahahahhahah.. ameen~
k, that's all.. bye2

the silent morning

In the name of ALLAH, 
the most merciful...
oh ALLAH, this silent morning, i woke up from my dream to pray for any protection 
against any wrong doing from my sight, hearing, tongue and also my actions..
indeed, i'm so pathetic when i saw what happen in this world lately,
human still fights with each other, and the victims is only who are no sins..
and nowadays also, i can see so many warning sign that send by HIM.
but still humans are not become sensitive to those warning side..
oh ALLAH, please guide me, myself, my family, my friends and all Muslims all over the world to
become a good Muslim....
save us from any punishment of hell fire.....  AMEEN~

strive to smile

today, i'm realize that every single things in this world
r not easy to achieve.
it needs some or full of effort to make the worth things ever..
seriously, today, i'm moody for the whole day..
i'm relief coz nobody recognize how moody i'm today..
juz being smiles every single times is so difficult things to me..
xtually, i woke up from slept this morning energetically..
after my father told me, "ain, cn u drive more slowly, in kmpong's road..."
someone was told my father that i always speed up while driving in kmpong's road..
xtually, all this time, i did not realize that i do the speed while driving..
then, after received my father's advice, so, i drove my DBP 20km/h in the village area..
all my dad's words are still appeared in my mind, till i told myself, "ain, think positive"
the villagers that reported to ur father maybe wanna all drivers that driving in the rural area, must drive carefully"
evethough, i also a normal person, sometimes also had a devil minding at the same time
tht's why i'm striving to smile for the whole day..
for those my friends that, recognize my mood changes for today,
i'm so sorry.. that's not what i meant to be.. but it comes naturally..
okay... roger..
gonna stop here....

Monday, May 23, 2011

save meeeeeeee~

lately, im sick of tiredness to death..
seems like anythings around me are burdensome to me..
first thing, i need to concentrate on my younger brother that having such a 
hard time in book ticket for back to malaysia from egypt..
since in my home juz has me to help my parents, so, i'm responsible to guide them 
for book the ticket on9..
sometimes, i'm quite unable to understand, why don't my brother juz ask about the ticket from his
feel like i need to handle too much stuff for today... book the ticket is also my first experience..
but i don't think it was too difficult coz, we juz need to follow all the instruction that given..
that's all.. so why, my younger bro don't do by himself..
here, i dun want to blame anyone... 
y anyone keep being selfish by themselves..
hey.. please la..
that's doesn't matter if it just a stuff or one things that need to do..
but if whole task were given and want all these things finished up tomorrow, i think this is too much..
even, i keep thinking towards the positive issues that i might getting from these,
but become tiredness make my life look so messy for today..
i wondering, if i refuse to do those thing, am i will become a girls that is no manner..
uwarghhhhhhhhhhhh, such annoying things that i had to face..
hope, No more tiredness in the future..
i wish~